Pattern errata are the worst ಠ_ಠ


One of my current WIP’s is a cabled baby cardigan that I’m making for my boyfriend’s sister (I really hope she doesn’t see this, it’s meant to be a surprise!). 

Some of you eagle-eyed knitters might be able to see that the diamonds one both sides look a bit strange. Yup. The left side of the diamond has a cable twist in it when it’s not supposed to!

I’m not an experienced cable knitter and so I was heavily relying on the stitch definitions as listed in the pattern. One of the definitions is impossible as it tells you to hold 2 stitches on a cable needle but then only stitch one of them back in :/. I figured this was a one off and found out the correct method. 

Last night I got to the tenth row of the pattern and saw that the left side of each diamond has a twist when the right side doesn’t. I decided to double check all of the definitions and alas, the C3F that they lost for that side of the diamond is incorrect and caused a cable twist. I’m hardly going to go back and undo five rows of work to correct both of the twists as I’m on a tight deadline to get this done. It just sucks so bad that I’m gonna have to give this cardigan as a gift knowing that it’s not perfect!!

I have emailed the company that wrote the pattern about these errors. Hopefully they can correct it before anyone else makes the same mistakes! Grrrrrrrrr. 

Rant over. 

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